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Cedar Sing Logs

    While Sing Homes calls this product a “log,” it’s not a log in the traditional sense; A cedar log is sawn in quarters and reassembled to become a super-insulated engineered square log. "Sing" is the inventor and name of the manufacturing company located in McCleary, WA.  These Cultured (re-engineered), Cedar Sing Logs eliminate deficiencies inherent to building with logs, while increasing their dimensional stability and maximizing energy efficiency. 

Natural logs split, check, and shrink, and warp where as a Sing Log is straight grain quarter-sawn to relieve the natural pressures of the log - Sing Logs do not split, check, or shrink. 

Sing Log Construction:  Quarter sawn vertical grain Western Red Cedar; turned inside out, paired into two laminated halves; 2 halves are attached via 3” spacer blocks – creating a single flat sided 5”x8” beam called a Sing Log.  The 3” cavity is for insulation and utility conduit.  (No-VOC glue is used to laminate the pieces that form the final logs.)  The Sing Log’s thick double wall provides great thermal mass to absorb, store, and slowly release heat over time resulting in better energy efficiency. This means that it takes a long time for temperature outside a Sing Log Home to change the temperature inside.
*An insulated Sing Log is rated at >=R-29
A Sing Log's composition is re-structured to become super strong and will withstand immense compression and high strength to sustained high winds, earthquake, excellent sound deadening for peace and quite, thermal mass and moisture compensation keep indoor moisture and temperature consistent & steady.
A Sing Log is an excellent building material for both earthquake and hurricane prone regions. 

The quarter-sawn, straight grain gives the Sing Square Cedar Log its remarkable dimensional stability - with virtually no shrinking, checking or splitting.  You also get a nice flat surface on the inside as well as the outside of your wall – all showing the beauty of the heartwood – center of the Cedar log. 

Sing Log Homes offer warmth, comfort, beauty, value, and quality that is seldom found in traditional homes. Business Reference:  Sing Homes


Green Home building is the use of products or materials which decrease energy demands or reduce environmental impacts (eco-friendly).  Not doing something because it is not eco-freindly is also a choice preference to build Green. Every product used has it's carbon footprint to add into your total building.  Reusing products or materials reduces impacts on several levels; cost & the energy & environmental impacts (Carbon Footprint), if that something was purchased new. The carbon footprint of a reused product is nearly "0" - it's production & cost & aplication carbon footprint has already been spent and accounted for.

*Wikipedia:  Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to both a structure and the using of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. In other words, green building design involves finding the balance between home building and the sustainable environment.

We are die hard environmentalists and we chose to build Green in as many ways as possible for our environment.  We did lots:

#1. The property itself was recycled. The property chosen was established more than 50 years ago.  We removed & recycled much of a well lived in old 1969 mobile home; refreshed the grounds and built the Spiderhollow Cedar House.
    1.1 The house is a 2 story to reduce the area footprint of the building verses a rambler that eats up twice as much ground. 

    1.2 We recycled / reused materials from the old mobile home for building stakes, cement form construction, brace boards, big glass for the sun room, and other incidental usages throughout the building process.  Recycled all the copper & aluminum.

#2. There are multiple features of Green building associated with the Sing logs used to build the house.  Sing Log Construction is more environmentally friendly than traditional home construction. 
   2.1 Cultured Cedar Sing Square Logs start with quality western red cedar taken from renewable & sustainable cedar farming able to use small diameter trees.
   2.2 Sing log building materials take less energy to produce, less energy to build and consume less energy for as long as people live in the house.
   2.3 Cedar Sing logs with insulation have an R-value of 5 to 6.5 per inch. 
   2.4 The mass of the Sing Log enhances temperature retention.  In winter, once you heat up the house, the mass of the Sing Logs and internal insulation maintain and retain the heat better than any traditional building material.
   2.4 With cedar on the outside walls there is no need for additional siding, paint, or other coverage material on the outside. Likewise, with cedar inside walls there is no need for additional sheetrock, paint, wall paper, or other additional coverage on the inside. This is both a savings of additional product production and a reduction of chemicals and man made products which a traditional house would require.

#3. Many of the materials used in the construction of the house were felled, sawn, and cured on site.  All the second floor beams, all the log posts, the entire stairway, and many details of the house came from trees on the property.  The 3 cedar log posts in the living space were from the same cedar tree which was growing were the stairway starts.  Any wood products sourced from the property eliminated energy points normally accrued from purchasing traditional building materials.  Use of native wood material in the building process is a huge energy footprint savings. The site-sawn full dimensional Douglas fir lumber is a far superior product to commercial lumber.  Nope, you can't find lumber like this from Home Depot.

#4. We used 12 gauge wiring throughout the house instead of 14 gauge wiring.  The 12 gauge wiring was much more expensive but it is much more robust and durable and conducts electricity more efficiently. 

#5. 3 heat sources gives you ultimate control over power usage for heat:
   5.1 Radiant underfloor heating provides amazingly comfortable controlled heated flooring with complete temperature control. The physical floor mass is heated and provides conductive heat oozing into the house. Physical heat consistently represents itself and conducts heat continuously. 
   5.2 A complimenting wood stove with glass door to appreciate the flickering fire - along with a built in circulation fan - the wood stove offers you a depth of warmth, comfort, and atmosphere only produced by fire. We have been able to heat the home primarily using the wood stove very effectively. We have also been fortunate enough to acquire all our firewood for free by simply monitoring the surrounding neighborhood and craigslist for free firewood. 
   5.3 Baseboard & wall heaters in every room give you the ability to individually control which rooms get heated to better control your power usage.  *Trees on the property will provide a portion of your firewood needs. In addition, you may desire to harvesting a tree now and again - thinning for the health of the woods or other reasons.

#6. We did not install a forced air furnace and all the ducting required.  Using other options for temperature control, we effectively reduced our energy consumption and carbon footprint.

#7. The house itself is designed to minimize the environmental footprint and energy demands.  The 2 story design allows for a much smaller footprint than a sprawling rambler design. 
   7.2 Using taller walls for higher ceiling heights creating an airy spacious environment throughout the house was preferred to space wasting vaulted ceilings.
  7.3 Even the 4/12 roof pitch was chosen to help nestle the house into the property and not appear tall and grandiose.  7.4 We positioned the house in an area requiring the least disturbance to the natural flora and trees of the property and went to great lengths to keep as many of those big trees as possible.
  7.5 The crawlspace is 4' tall for the most efficient airflow & temperature control.  Not walk-in height, but just fine for a wine cellar and select storage., and radiant floor maintenance.
  7.6 The R30 underfloor insulation is additionally sealed with an aluminum vapor barrier for the radiant floor. (Attic insulation is R38-40, slightly more than required.)

#8.  Fluorescent lighting has been used wherever possible throughout the house.  With the recent availability of dimmable fluorescent we have even converted the dimmable mood lighting to take advantage of these energy saving products.

#9.  Low flow and dual flush water closets to conserve water.  No garbage disposal.  Hot & cold equalizer shower controls.

#10. Solar panel electricity generation to power modest utilities for the cottage.

#11. Gardens produce a modest crop of edible goods.

    11.1 Landscape greenery was kept natural and native to the environment.  We irradicated many non-native species and propogated the use of native greenery.  Roddy's, Sword Ferns, Oregon Grape, Salal, Honeysuckle, and many more.

#12.  Recycling and composting is part of our lifestyle.  In fact, we recycle and compost so well that we only sign up for garbage pickup 1 time per month with the smallest garbage can size available.  Every neighbor puts out at least 1 or more cans every week - we only do 1 time per month.   Composting is the best thing you can do for your vegetable & flower gardens, and we extend composting to be used on various flowering shrubs.

#13. Maintaining the little forest of tall trees and encouraging the numerous rhododendrons and other growth around the property - naturally stabilizes temperatures and cools the entire property.  With the oncoming of global warming, I would encourage the new owner to continue maintaining all the growth possible.  


  • Fresh Stain & Paint. Spring Cleaned from the Rooftop to the Floor.
  • Expanded Cedar Sun room on the sunrise side
  • Remodled Front Porch with carved eagle


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