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At times you may experience a comfortable warm feeling from the Cedar walls around you. - You have just had a house hug. 


driveWALKTHROUGH:  Coming down the private shared gravel access drive you turn up your serpentine driveway which nicely hides the house from view.  The driveway flows through rhododendrons, pine, cedar, and fir trees opening up to multiple parking areas and a 20' x 20' attached garage. An oversized front lawn draws your attention and you spy several curious paths leading into a grove of rhododendrons and fern groves that twist out of sight. Save the meandering for later, right now you are headed for the front door.

A short stroll on a stone walkway leads to a Cedar deck and the covered pedestal porch you might notice an eagle keeping his eye on you towards the door.  The wood carved eagle hovering on the crest overlooking the elegant front door exudes a protective spirit over the visitors seeking refuge, and puts fear into the minds of shady characters.        

Stepping inside you are comfortably surrounded by subtle warmth yet oblivious to the Radiant Floor heating system creating that comfortable feeling. Just inside, an alcove for shoes and coats and hats await you under frontier style chain lighting. 

All the perimeter walls are 8” thick Cedar Sing Logs, and all windows are double pane low-E with a white casing & trim to help amplify light & radiate a bright cheery ambiance.  Lots of windows are a perfect compliment to the subtle colors and characteristics of cedar walls and seem to bring the outdoors - inside.

kit-2   An inviting bonus breakfast nook for 2 beckons you at the entrance to the large open country “U” style kitchen featuring top to bottom custom oak cabinets.  Below the nook is a large base cabinet pantry.
2 corner cabinets have huge Lazy susans and one cabinet has a glass door hutch to display fine glassware, collectables, or other special kitchen items. The stainless steel double sink has 6 tools, a built in water filter & soap dispenser.
One of the kitchen windows faces toward the outside entryway with a 2nd kitchen sink window facing east where the humming birds come looking for handouts; and you can keep an eye on the outdoor dining area amidst huge Rhododendron bushes.

Built in dish washer, 4 burner stove, and refrigerator. 
Easy touch dim control recessed lighting that targets heavy use areas along with a central fluorescent overhead gives ultimate control of kitchen lighting.

Kitchen-1   *The custom designed oak cabinet for the Tambour stainless steel range hood has a secret little hiding spot behind the front panel.

Looking out from the kitchen is a gorgeous 8' Maple wood slab counter bolstered between 2 cedar log posts with bar stool seating separates kitchen from living area. 

Pass-through open space over the maple counter between the kitchen & sitting stools. 
From the Maple bar you can sit facing the breakfast nook, the kitchen or swivel to the open living area.  Laminate tile flooring in Kitchen & entry and wood grain laminate flooring in the living area are easy to clean and shine.

    As you step through the entry the breakfast nook and kitchen is on your left.  To the right is the alcove for shoes and jackets and hats. Tucked away just a little further inside and to the right is an amply sized laundry / stairdutility room with a handy laundry shoot coming down from the nookstairupstairs master bedroom double closet that drops laundry right into your laundry basket atop the washing machine. 
A few steps further is the downstairs bathroom. Interior doors are solid fir paneled doors professionally hung.  First, just open the door and see if it stays where you leave it.  Then, give that door just the slightest push and watch how it swings closed; perfectly balanced doors are a sign of true construction quality. 
An open plan layout makes for walk all-around access with the central element pivot point feature being a stunning stairway leading to the second floor.  This gorgeous natural style Staircase highlights curly cedar branch balusters & a 16' green peeled sapling handrail to guide you up robust douglas fir stair treads. Completely hand crafted and finished - with custom stair tread foot mats to further protect and enhance this high traffic feature.  Upstairs leads to a Great Room / Loft featuring bamboo wood flooring & a pony wall balcony overlooking solarium below. 

*The Stairway is created from cedar and fir trees cut down & milled on property; hand peeled & treated for an silky smooth finish.  On the landing above is a solid built-in oak bookshelf & counter (with a hiding spot).

Both floors incorporate aspects of the open plan design to maximize spaciousness yet maintain a modest footprint.

Main floor level features slightly taller livsol2ceiling heights with exposed beams create a larger than life airy atmosphere.  Being surrounded in the cozy feel of cedar living room solariimwalls with 5 sumptuous hand hewn cedar log posts produce a lodge like atmosphere which forms a sense of comfort and relaxation. You are surrounded by natural wood, log posts and open beam ceilings with large windows to gaze at the fir trees & outdoor living spaces.

Dimmable track lighting (mood lighting), in the east and west accentuates high use areas of the living area, and there is a large central frontier style mood light in the ceiling.  A dozen interior & exterior lights share the frontier style fixture design complimenting and finishing off the look & feel of a custom designed cedar lodge house.

During the day large windows all around soak the open design in natural sunlight spreading light throughout. 
During the night you have several mood lighting combinations to create a variety of comfortable, romantic lighting scenes. Lighting options abound to create any mood you desire.

The open plan Living area connects with every room on the first floor.  The space flows from one "room" to the next as the ceiling style & height naturally delineates areas.  4 - majestic cedar log posts (3 are from the same cedar tree), support an open beam ceiling with a wood stove in the southeast corner. The open beam ceiling can be sheetrocked if you so desire.  However, the open beam ceiling showcases full dimension rough cut lumber beams (sawn on site), adds an incredible sense of spaciousness and evokes a calming secure feel to the experience of this unique home. Simple yet deliciously stained quarter-sawn (cedar), wood, and earth tones are hallmarks of a Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie-style interior. The taller than standard ceiling height compliments the aura of those open beam ceilings. It is a feeling you should experience to appreciate.

An east side entry door opens to a large covered cedar log / glass sided sun room facing an outdoor patio/dining area. The glass wall patio / sunroom / decks use 2 1/2" thick cedar decking and is cornered with hand hewn log posts from the property. This is a high use area for varying purposes all year around.  It is a lovely spot to enjoy morning coffee and watch the sunrise, and it is surprisingly enjoyable behind the protective glass walls during stormy weather. The deck is covered with clear plastic corrugated roofing to allow daylight to fill the patio as well as provide light to the inner house.  This inviting space will draw you to it's unique character all year around. 

Back inside the living area you can enjoy the changing aura of the building from the sunrise of a fresh new day to alluring characteristics of the night.  Add a flickering fire visible through the glass wood stove door and perhaps dim the sconce lights to create that perfect romantic relaxing atmosphere. 
Cable connections are in the east and west walls of the living area. The French doors open up to the south facing 2 1/2" thick Cedar deck with stepping stones leading out to an old fashion round cedar wood-fired hot tub for incredible rest and relaxation. The French doors have 2 large screened wings which will open and allow the cool forest breeze to ventilate the house.  *After a summer rain, opening those screen doors baths the house in that fresh outdoor scent; it's earth’s breath at it's best.

Using the best features from 3 separate heating sources allows you ultimate comfort control.  Rather than relying on 1 source of heat, we combine the best features from 2 of the 3 heating sources so you can control the energy efficiency and comforts of your heating needs like no other home.  There are 3 heat sources: 1. Hydronic Radiant Under Floor heating provides amazingly comfortable controlled heated flooring. The heated floor adds a subtle comfort level you have to experience to understand.  It does not provide heat to the entire house, rather it moderates the heat of the physical floor structure of the bottom floor.  We tend to keep the floor temp setting at 65 degrees and use other heat sources if needed.  Once those incredible Cedar Sing logs are at your comfort level the radiant floor will maintain that temperature for a really long time.  Physically heated thermal mass of floor and walls offers you warmth that is incomparable.  2. A complimenting Woodstove with heat shielding and a glass door to appreciate the flickering fire - along with a built in circulation fan.  The wood stove offers you a depth of warmth, comfort, and atmosphere only produced by fire. Nothing is more enjoyable than wood heat.  3. Baseboard & wall heaters are also available throughout the house for independent room by room comfort control. In addition is the natural thermal circulatory system produced thru the solarium space as described below:      

The 2 story open solarium space is designed to perform much like a passive solar, and active chimney.  Passive; On hot days the cool forest breezes flow throughout the open design of both floors.  A decorative 3 speed fan with dimmable lights is there to aid distribution of the outdoor breezes from below - for ventilation above. Conversely; in winter the open space becomes a passive heat flow distribution system - naturally circulating solar heat from the clerestory windows to the 2nd floor: * Active; The Wood stove heat naturally rises up the solarium space and flows throughout the upstairs; as that hot air rises, cooler air is drawn in from below – from the direction of the stairs.  Cooler air from upstairs naturally flows down the staircase and is drawn towards again towards the wood stove, heat rise & fall within a chimney space = circulation. *Don't forget to give thermal conductive credit to those large windows soaking in free solar sunlight to aid the process.  The heat or cooling distribution chimney effect works in summer & winter.

     *Trees on the property provide a constant supply of small wood. Easy to buy firewood, but we have never purchased firewood, we simply search Craigslist for free firewood, it comes up all the time.  Harvesting a tree will be your option, but we think of ourselves as stewards for the trees and only harvest for disease or crowd control.

A large 15’X12’ 1st floor master bedroom is carpeted with its own glass patio door entry & deck.  guestFeatures; extra tall open beam ceiling height, 2 large windows to the west, and a south facing 6’ sliding glass patio door entry with amply sized Cedar Sing Log deck outside.  The 2 matching wall sconce reading lights are designed for this room.  A closet door opens to a large 14’x 6’ walk-in closet / pantry / storage / combo room.  The closet is a also a bypass to the (double entry), downstairs full bathroom - which is accessed via solid oak pocket door.  The downstairs bathroom has another access door leading to the living/entry area.  The bathroom features a magnificent hand crafted & painted Mexican sink, large medicine cabinet / mirror with 6 bulb vanity lights, and a glazed window to the outdoors.  This lower bathroom also has a water miser water closet with a large elongated wood seat and wood towel racks all around.  The bath has a 6' shower / tub, a west facing single hung glazed window and vinyl tiled flooring. These features create a spacious open feeling to make an adorable first floor master bedroom. 

The solarium room is surrounded by huge french pane windows with a glass pane French door to the back yard on the main floor. loftIn the top floor there are 3-grand clerestory French pane windows that envelop you in open views and light.  Most of the solarium wall is glass; As you gaze from below or above, you will enjoy spacious views of your property from sunrise to sunset.  All the while in utter silence, the windows collect free solar heat as they soak in the southern sunlight to saturate both floors of the house.  The French doors in the Solarium room have screened side panels to circulate the fresh forest breezes outside. Even on the hottest days of summer, just opening the side screens and using the solarium fan cools the house significantly.  In the heat of summer, the tree coverage keeps the property a balmy 10 degrees cooler than the surrounding track homes without any trees to speak of. 


Upstairs also enjoys the extra tall ceiling heights.  The top of the stairs opens into a large 12’X 20’ loft area, bonus room; (exercise room, hobby room, library, study - (Can be partitioned into multiple rooms or converted into a 4th bedroom with ease).  Beautiful bamboo wood flooring with a pony wall using natural & reclaimed building materials & is topped with 2 wood slab counters tops surrounding an upper level hand hewn log post with copper balusters.  The length of the loft overlooks the solarium below and those huge windows offer a 180 degree view.  Just inside the loft is a drop down attic ladder providing easy access to the attic & more storage space with a central 12" platform running the length of the house.  The loft area pony wall and 2nd bedroom have shared-dedicated computer power receptacles marked with brown faceplates. 

From the landing within the loft; double doors access the spacious 15’X20’ multiple occupancy bedroom or master bedroom. This large oversize room is multi-purpose, designed to serve a variety of needs; a grand nursery room, a room to accommodate 2 - 4 beds for sisters / brothers, or a collection of bunk beds, and is designed to be large enough for a grandmother apartment - minus kitchen.   The size of the room allows for multiple options and was designed that way instead of compartmentalizing it. If it were compartmentalized, the taxes would be higher and you would not have many options for the rooms. This room could be partitioned.  We like the space so much up here that it became our master bedroom.  Lots of wall space, lots of optional ways to use the room.  It has 4 large windows, 2 overlook the front entryway and 2 overlook the east side & outdoor dining space. Sunlight beaming from the loft shines through a beautiful stained glass window illuminating a cast of color that subtly drizzles into the master bedroom area.  The master bedroom has a central flower pattern florescent light fixture, but also has 6 dimmable mood lights inset into the ceiling to produce any mood you desire.  Saloon doors swing open to a double sided his & hers walk-in closet which flows into the bathroom through a pocket door.  The walk-in closet has multi-directional track lighting and sports a Laundry drop to the utility room for ultimate convenience. This triple sided wardrobe room is also a multi-use closet with 5 wardrobe hanging areas: 4 clothes hanger rods intended for the large room and 1 clothes hanger for the 2nd bedroom on the other side of the Jack-N-Jill bathroom.

The upstairs Jack-N-Jill bathroom has overhead lights with 4 vanity lights above a large 4 door paneled & mirrored medicine cabinet resting over a new 48” sink / vanity with 6 drawers + center storage.  (the vanity was designed large so it would be easy to change into a double sink vanity for higher use needs).  Dual flush eco-water closet with matching wood paper holder & towel racks.  Natural light floods the bathroom from a large vaulted skylight; on clear sky nights you don’t even need to switch a light on.  Skylights are so appreciated we added a second overhead skylight directly above the shower. The ceiling height and the skylight transform the medium size shower room into a larger feeling area. 

The large 15’X20’ upstairs 2nd bedroom is carpeted with 4 large windows, a large vaulted skylight for natural lighting, 3 sets of track lighting for targeted lighting options. This bedroom has an armoire for a closet, but there is also a section of the large walk-in closet intended for this room.  There is another solid 6 panel easy swing door entry to another Jack & Jill bathroom. The upstairs 2nd bedroom entry door from the loft is a real prize; Solid oak door with an inset 2'X4' stained glass window (called a light).  It's a heavy door, but just give it a slight push and see how it swings - quality construction. We primarily used this room for an library / office / study. 

EXTRAS & NOTES:  * All perimeter walls are cedar.  The interior walls that are sheetrocked have a very mild texture and corners are rounded not squared off. *Cat5 phone wiring. * Upgraded 12gauge electrical wiring throughout the house instead of 14 gauge.  *The builder dreamt of adding an upper wrap around deck on the back side of the house - thinking of that possibility; 2 windows upstairs have been framed as a door. The single window on the east side of the loft and the 1st window with screen in the 2nd bedroom south wall.  The concern would be electrical wiring, so the wiring was strung up, and over the top of the window/door frames.  All the log posts, beams, & much of the building materials were crafted from trees felled on the property lending immense character to the house and its surroundings. 
A few extra pics below:



  • Fresh Stain & Paint. Spring Cleaned from the Rooftop to the Floor.
  • Expanded Cedar Sun room on the sunrise side
  • Remodled Front Porch with carved eagle


  • Custom Built
  • Property
  • Privacy