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A Clay Cottage   fondly called        The Hobbit Hut

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This shy acre property is bounded by a variety of greenery & trees
which includes a 20' wide private shared drive.

All the structures are creatively nestled within the greenery and each outdoor living area exudes it's own unique character. A perfect size property with footpaths abound that allow you to roam in privacy everywhere you go. There is still plenty of room for you to build more (consider a hobby shop, extra garage, or studio building, a grand NW Tree House), and even more room to add your own creative spaces, or just maybe your own zip-line,

Outdoor Living Spaces - Yards - Outbuildings - Woods - Greenery

This section of 208th St. Se. is a private shared access road for 4 homes which dead-ends at the lowest property.  Our 10' wide serpentine driveway is heavily bordered by an impressive array of plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees all the way up to the parking areas. The 40'x50' front lawn is open to the parking area and is also heavily bordered on 2 sides by an array of plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees; with footpaths all around.  A flagstone path surrounds a majestic Doug Fir and a weeping ash parts it's wings perfectly for you to walk through up to the front porch.  The porch is slightly terraced with the front yard a bit lower.  There is a dog house at the far end of the yard facing the house.  We will be leaving an in-ground invisible fence (pet-safe buried wire), surrounding the property to contain your pets. In the back corner of the front yard is a free standing covered pole building with a hand crafted clay/cob pizza oven. Insert spiderhollow scan 5-22 video here Trails abound to tantalize your imagination beckoning you to wander and weave through a maze of footpaths all around the property.  There are many outdoor living spaces to enjoy. Each outdoor space has a unique character to offer.  Meandering from one space to another is like crossing a border into another country.

A lovely terraced outdoor patio space for BBQ's and entertaining is just outside the side door. 
A 3 cord crib of firewood lends extra privacy to the patio space while providing close access to firewood during winter. 
Across from the outdoor dining area is another pod space we call the Grotto.  The grotto is a slightly terraced oval space that has a 6' oval glass atop a wine barrel with 4 -6 stools.  Lots of gathering areas and spaces for many guests at yard parties and the layout of these areas are near each other, yet a perfect space apart to allow someone to meander and mingle about. 
Behind the grotto is a delightful goldfish pond. The goldfish pond is inundated with huge ferns giving shade to the fish, and privacy for you to enjoy a tranquil experience. The pond may well become your favorite spot for reflection and meditation.  Another separate space behind the fish pond has a hand stacked brick smoker.  You can smoke fish and meats right in your own backyard.  Behind the smoker space is another circle of trees naturally designating another outdoor space where we keep a composter and other yard goods.  On the north side of the beer garden and just behind the fish pond we have a cute little chicken coop with 4 individual egg nesters.  In the center of the back yard is an often enjoyed firepit to gather around and enjoy all year around.  We have a few sections of original old growth stumps that have the indentations from the foot planks cut into the tree for falling the giants.  We have been using a few half sections of old growth logs as sitting benches and decoration all around the property. 

A 4' x 8' greenhouse sets near a garden patch on the back west side of the house. A great place for your starts, potting, and maintaining gardening supplies. The gardens have been moved and re sized several times over the years, There is an oval strawberry patch and we have flower patches all over the place. There is also a 6'x12' covered building in the far SW corner of the property for yard tools, lawn mower, pots, and what-knots.  A very handy covered area you will really appreciate. 

In the very back is the Utility corridor which is bordered by a huge blackberry patch. The Blackberries are just the best, and we have cultivated a few trails for harvesting the blackberries each summer.

Frontier luxury:   Outside the back door is a wood fired cedar hot tub. In the winter hopping in a 106 degree hot tub is incredibly soothing and relaxing and you will sleep like a baby afterward.
In a snow covered ground with tiki torches lit at night there are few things that can compare to this sensual soothing hot tub session.  However, being able to get up the next morning to have coffee in the hot tub with snow all around is indeed a comparable luxury.  

In the summer a dip in the cold water cedar tub is incredibly refreshing and more invigorating than you can imagine. Summer and Winter, you will cherish the frontier luxury of this wood fired hot tub.

The Hot Tub is situated directly in front of the French Doors and is dead center surrounded by a circle of 6 incredible Douglas fir trees. Gazing up center of the circle of trees can be an awe inspiring moment.

Video Outdoors: 

   The Woods:  A nice variety of tall evergreen trees are encircle the house with a several mini groves of trees with Douglas Fir being the prevalent variety.  Many mini tree groves are in-circled and create natural little sanctuaries under the branch drip line umbrella. If you are adventurous, you might want to build a Tree House.  We always wanted to build one, just never got around to it.  Perhaps the tree house can be your project. There are many "nurse stumps" supporting other trees and growth which to our delight is a reminder and a display of the unique ever evolving NW forest environment we live in.  We have had arborists out several times to evaluate the trees.  Our arborist gave us high kudos for maintaining a natural forest environment for the trees to thrive in. Our mini forest is healthy and happy and remaining in that condition - the trees will in turn help keep you healthy and happy.  FYI:
    Douglas Firs or Coastal fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) can live to be 1000 years old and are often as tall as 350 feet. Doug firs are among the tallest trees on earth. Many animals depend entirely on them to survive, such as squirrels. Native raptors also depend upon them for nesting purposes and habitat. As a Doug fir (in a grove) matures, the upper branches take on the photosynthesis and lower branches begin to atrophy and dry. This is called self-pruning. In fact, the lowest branches become dry and brittle and are perfect for kindling, even in the midst of the rainy season. As the tree gains height, the lumber has straighter grain and few knots. This is what makes fir lumber so valuable, as is evidenced in the open floor beams in this house. "A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 lbs./year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support 2 human beings." - McAliney, Mike. Arguments for Land Conservation: Documentation and Information Sources for Land Resources Protection, Trust for Public Land, Sacramento, CA, December, 1993 "One acre of trees annually consumes the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that produced by driving an average car for 26,000 miles. That same acre of trees also produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year." - New York Times " A 100-ft tree, 18" diameter at its base, produces 6,000 pounds of oxygen." Northwest Territories Forest Management
The trees at Spiderhollow are just under 100 yrs old and called "3rd Cut". The ring count on 1 tree in 2004 was 79.  That trees first ring came about 1925.  They have been assessed for disease and are spaced well for continued years of good health. Fresh breezes are the best natural air conditioners in summer. The oxygen content in the trees is higher and the shade provides cooling. We average 3-4 days of air conditioner use here, on days when the temps approach 90 degrees or better in the city.

HORTICULTURE Map showing Gardens, Plant Areas, and general Horticulture


Wild Life around the Spiderhollow property

Squirrels, Weasel, Rabbits, Coyote, Raccoon, Frogs, Deer, Bobcat,& garter snakes






  • Fresh Stain & Paint. Spring Cleaned from the Rooftop to the Floor.
  • Expanded Cedar Sun room on the sunrise side
  • Remodled Front Porch with carved eagle


  • Custom Built
  • Property
  • Privacy