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Dulane bought this nice looking Virago in 2002. We bought it from the original owner who was from back east somewhere.  He made 2 more trips back east and rode it a around here - a little.  He sold it because he got a family and just quit riding.  There it sat in the garage. He really hated selling it.

When we bought it the bike had 23,000 miles with newish tires.  Today (8/15/2008) it only has 26,800 miles.  Low miles to be sure, oil, air, grease, & spark was serviced a few years ago.  The Virago is a low slung bike that makes it easy for shorter folks to ride, yet with that low seat and kicked out front end it sure feels Harley like.

This bike has been really fun. Perfect for husband/wife riding adventures.

It seemed to run a little rough so we had it serviced by a motorcycle mechanic who rebuilt the carburetors, added some aftermarket fixes to the starter motor and did a tune up. He couldn't find anything other than cleaning to do to the carbs.  It still sounds a little rich to me, but the mechanic convinced me that it is just the nature of the V-Twin Harley like configuration purposely built into the bike.  We added a front crash bar with a set of hi-way pegs to kick back and truly feel like a cruiser.  We also added the front windshield. 
Other than that, it is as we bought it. 

It has a Mono Shock in the rear to help give it that low slung look.  Up front the shocks have air fittings for air adjustable riding.  Old Skool, Cool looking bike.

Dee really likes the sissy bar on the back and the windshield does a perfect job of busting a whole through the wind when riding. 

The spiral wheels match the swept back look and the V-Twin has a great rumble sound that rounds this ride out to make it a Classic Yamaha.  Yamaha still makes a Virago model still based on this look and configuration. 

The paint is in really excellent condition despite the age.  There is a small dent in the gas tank from the original owner who noticed it toppling over in his garage, but caught it with his leg or knee.

Dulane dropped it once when making a turn, it slid out on some pea gravel.  Thanks to the crash bars there has never been any damage other than a busted clutch lever and some injured pride.


This is one of the original wild & cool looking VeeTwin Yamahas made. They made a keeper design when they did the Virago, and still make them.

As a 750 it can run with the best of them at freeway speeds or just cruising around. Perfect mid-sized bike, yet big enough and cool enough to run with any other make or model, it's a keeper.  I'd call it a mid size bike with lots of style. 

 Typical to all early Virago's it did have the Virago starter noise - (see ), The starter noise is something Virago owners simply live with - there are lots of mechanics who have done many different things to reduce the starter noises, but it is simply a common feature on the early Viragos.  It doesn't hurt anything - it's just the way they are.  The battery is New as of 7/08, and she starts up Easily - Every time - No Problem.  A low battery will effect the starter sound - as in how hard it is working to crank. Oh, it also has a very, very slow air leak in the front tire, not the tire.  The original owner told us it happened when he got the new tires put on, but it only makes sense to fix it when we change the tire - so it has not been fixed yet.  It is such a slow leak that it takes over 2 or 3 weeks before you need to add maybe 10 lbs of air pressure. 

Here is a link to many Virago Owners Pictures and some Cool Viragos they are.

Here you can join a Virago Owner Club.  Lots of fun and support through a club.

Call if you are seriously interested in giving the Virago a good home.

Thanks for checkin' it out,

Roy & Dulane (Dee)