1980 Honda InterState GL 1100

        InterState 1100 -  Sleek Honda Line fairing styling, improved aerodynamics and performance modifications over previous years GW's makes this model and year Interstate the one to have.  Will drive the pants off the newer 1200cc GoldWings. (Yes, you can scrape the footpegs on this sporty Wing). I've had plenty of fun in the twistys with this bike. It ain't no race bike at this weight, but it is so well balanced and sorted out that you certainly can fly around corners.  Given the right tires, suspension, etc. the Goldwing can lean Waaaaaay over on either side to the point of scraping footpegs.  You can't go further than the framework that the bike will allow, but that is usually plenty far enough to scare up enough thrill for the majority of riders - me included ;)

An excellent commuter /touring bike or just an inexpensive yet dependable & comfortable two up bike. 

An older used Goldwing could be as good an answer for you as it was for me.  I owned this '80 Interstate from September 2000 till September 2002

Looking like a sentry on guard duty
"Cycle Sound" with AM/FM Cassette and Cibie Quartz Halogen Driving lights added to the stock features.  Twin antennas one for radio the other for looks - there is a place for a CB but there was never one installed.  Independent Air shocks Front and Rear. 

Checking the oil is a pain on the Goldwing.  It has a very small clear "sight window" very low on the engine which you have to have just the right lighting to really see well.  I just installed  a chrome Oil level checker in front of the radiator to make the oil checking job easier.

The is a Honda Line Fairing made for this bike - NOT a windjammer add-on.  It fits like a glove and is sport styled yet offers maximum weather protection.  This fairing has a lockable front right compartment and a leather left hand compartment with snaps for quick access.

Need I tell you how delightful it is to ride while listening to your favorite song!  Man, I am really spoiled now.  Rock On.

For an '80 this is one Awesome bike in great shape and extremely well cared for.
Bike had 56,453 miles in 1995 (mileage from a service receipt),  I  bought it with 58,400 miles. Add that up and it looks like between '95 till '2000 when I found it, it only had 1,947 miles put on it in 5 years!  Mostly stored for that 5 year period.  When I was finished riding it in 2002 it had 69,700 miles. 11,300 miles of Smiles in one year !!

I've put on  11,300 miles.   I have had it almost exactly 2 years and used it as my Commuter bike back and forth for work on I-5 between Bothell and Fife - round trip is 'bout 80 miles. I live in Washington and the nice thing about the Interstate it how dry you stay in bad weather!  Lord knows we get "Plenty" of wet sunshine out this way. 

Some History on this bike:
I have a work receipt from Ivey's Motorcycle on Hwy 99 in Lynwood Washington for the year 1995.  At that time the bike received a new battery, new fork seals and new springs, tune up, new rear air shocks & overall safety check.  The mileage for this 1995 service receipt was 56,453 miles.  I was told the bike was put into storage till it was sold to Everett Motorsports and they did a full service on it with flush-n-fills, oil, radiator, brakes, and the starter motor was rebuilt before being put up for sale.  It was sold to a fella who needed transportation for his new job; 3 weeks later he lost the job and had to sell this bike.  He took it for a swan song 500 mile trip and put it up For Sale.  So, look at that mileage for '95 the mileage when I bought it and today's mileage and realize it's been in storage from 1995 till 2000.

Since I have owned it I bought a new battery, one new starter relay and a new set of plugs.  I also had the Cam Belt replaced at 59K which is a regular maintenance item scheduled at 60Kmiles.  I've kept up on Oil changes, filters, and general maintenance myself. 

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Pilot meet your 1100cc Honda Interstate

I've always wanted one of these Honda Goldwings. I mean, they have been voted the best touring motorcycle more years than anything in history. You just can't go wrong with that kind of record.  The first Goldwing came out the year I got my Moto Guzzi Ambassador in '76.  I still have the Ambassador.

No lye, these Honda's are simply great bikes.  Once you experience one you will realize that their dependability, comfort, and even performance are top notch.  You realize why they continually get rated at the top of their category by all the motorcycle surveys. 

Attention getting Eyecandy

I bought the Interstate' from a fella who just put it For Sale in his front yard.  He had a turn of bad luck and needed money real bad.  He hated having to sell it, as it was his only transportation and he'd just financed it from Everett Powersports a few weeks earlier.  I provided him with some much needed cash, actually, all I did was pay off his financing so he could get free.  He turned over the keys to this Great Tour/Commuter Honda Interstate 1100 Goldwing.

I am a big fan of Karma and have a shiny new Karma Bell with custom braided leather fob on the front right side at the brake pads. 

A road trip on this bike will leave you GRIN'N from ear to ear, mile after mile

There is lots of info out on the internet about Goldwings.  Clubs, support groups, email groups and more.  Search in any Internet Search engine or just chat with a local rider.

A stout looking package

Over and above the ride, comfort, storage, and dependability impressions this bike will make on you is the powerful 1085cc engine.  The opposing 4 cylinder water cooled engine pulls smooth and steady in all gears in a w i d e range of rpms.  Combine the engine, ergonomics and shaft drive and this baby is simply fast & smooth.

  It is such a powerful and smooth engine it became an obvious choice for Hondas "domination" of the Touring Motorcycle category.  It was an Instant winner and has never looked back.

Yes, it is true that this engine was originally designed for Honda Racing.
I can't tell you how wonderful it is to take my wife for a ride on the Interstate.  She rides in real comfort.  I had a sport bike with a little pea pad for the passenger and I couldn't get her to ride on that one at all.   comfort is very important if you have a passenger you want to have ride with you.

The seating is extremely comfortable for both rider and passenger.  The Huge trunk has a nice cushy pad for the passenger to lean against.  The seat is multi positional and fits nicely for my '6 1" long leg frame.

When we ride 2 up and get to our destination there is ample storage room to hid and LOCK "both helmets, both leather jackets, both chaps & gloves, both sweaters if we have them, and even the boots if we take footwear for the occasion".  Amazing, and there is plenty more room for other stuff, like stadium seats, Frisbee, lunch and beverages!  The rear trunk has a "Quick Release" with luggage handle to carry off the bike into your hotel room. All Honda Line saddlebags and Trunk are designed for these bikes and it shows.  Honda simply does a great job of putting together a "polished" finished product.

That is about it for my Experience with a Honda Goldwing.  It was a very good memorable one.  I hope everyone gets to enjoy one as much as I did. 

See Ya,

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It even has a tow hitch with wiring ready to go.  I however, have never towed anything with it.  Once I saw a Gold Wing Towing behind it a 16' Kayak!  No Kidding, it was awesome!