2008 KLR 650

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Brief encounter with an Awesome Kawasaki KLR650.

I only had the KLR650 for 1+ year, but it was a magnificant ride.  I am very glad I chose the KLR650 to get back into dual sport riding.  I had not really ridden off-road for 30 years.  The KLR weighed in at -400 pounds to start with.  Course, I added several custom bits to it and when I was done it weighed in at 470 pounds.  Still, this is a great weight for me to handle on the dirt.

klr650-22008 KLR world class Adventure bike. I bought it with 4020 miles on it - 14 months later I had it up to 6,600 miles.
I needed a bike that I could ride anywhere - the KLR really is the Jeep of motorcycles.
The thing I appreciate more than anything is the under 400 pound weight of the bike. It is an easy bike to maneuver and manipulate at speed or in rugged terrain. The KLR is not a high tech bike, still uses a carburetor! Being a simple bike it is wonderfully easy to work on yourself. In addition to KLR forums, YouTube is also at your fingertips to show you how to do just about anything on a KLR by yourself.
Comfortably ride long distance at freeway speeds +++.
The KLR is a Blast riding forest service roads, gravel roads, and even knarly single track trails.
I had 3 gears to further improve the bikes performance (and rider abilities), in any riding condition. Use the 16T gear for long rides & commuting at freeway speeds. Once at your destination swap into the 14T gear for a couple days of rough challenging off road riding, then swap in the 16T for the long mile freeway ride home. It is NOT necessary to swap the gears - the stock 15T gear will well designed to do it all. However, controlling the gearing used over an extended period of riding is easier on the motorcycle -easier on the rider - and definitely improves the performance. It all depends on how you ride. Many folks never get the KLR off road, others primarily ride off road. It only takes about15 minutes to swap gears.I also purchased the specialized gear securing nut & socket for quick easy gear changing.
Great KLR forums for help, advise, maintenance instructions, modifications for consideration, making KLR friends, and sharing experiences. It's awesome.
Brand new expensive service free Battery @ 6,200 miles.
Brand new KENDA 50/50 rear tire @ 5,500 miles
Over $1,000.00 of the best upgrades & accessories for adventure touring.
New Adventure Accessories added in 2014:
Laminar Lip Tall windscreen (removable)
Vibration resistant 2" handlebar risers (adjustable)
Hand grip heaters - in package, not installed
Happy Trails Center Stand
Happy Trails Nerf Bar Engine Guards w/HiWay Pegs
Happy Trails HD Skid Plate
Adventure Saddle Bags - Soft - Expandable Multi zip pockets - easy on / off clip system
Saddle Bag hard mount bars
KLR Tail trunk - Expandable
Thermo-Bob Coolant System upgrade
22-cent Carb & air box modification
Rear brake caliper Guard Plate
Sub-frame bolt kit
Bike raised 3/4" with upgraded dog bones
3 front gear selections (14T for aggressive off road - 15T stock gear - 16T Freeway) Having the choice of gearing is much better on the motorcycle. Freeway speeds using the 16T gear it drops the engine rpms, and it runs much smoother and is easier on the bike from tip to tail. The 14T lowers the gearing and makes a huge difference riding in difficult terrain. The stock 15T gear is the mid range - do all gear. It takes about 15 minutes to swap gears
Deer Whistle (I have seen this gadget work! I am putting these on all my vehicles now.)
Karma Bell
Extras: 2 clutch cables in package. 1 new oil filter. 1 old serviceable air filter. 17" rear tire tube. Original Dog Bones to Lower the bike by 2".

I bought the bike to ride the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route with a friend. So, been there, done that - I have too many motorcycles and I am going to let the KLR go. This is a very well outfitted KLR650 in perfect condition, ready to ride the freeways or single track trails.

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