KOB reunited with a Moto Guzzi.

I have been a rogue motorcycle enthusiast since riding home made mini bikes in the ‘60’s. I say rogue because I have enjoyed many different motorcycle brands through the years.
Although I have had the pleasure to experience many brands and models of motorcycle – it’s the Moto Guzzi Eldorado that really pulls at my heart strings. Having owned 6 Eldorado’s/Ambassador's over time, this model must be my calling. I recently (09/28/09), took responsibility for - a 1974 Moto Guzzi LAPD California Eldorado. Need a Karma Bell

Most of my riding friends belong to the local Moto Guzzi Club and they have accepted me in the group even when riding other brands of motorcycles.  It is all about riding 2 wheels - they are not brand only loyalists, they are true bikers, motorcyclists; brothers of 2 wheels.
As KOB (Keeper of Bells), I have enjoyed giving out Karma Bells to those in need at many Guzzi events. I’ve been hiding bells on bikes for several years. This year 12 Karma Bells were bestowed at the Deep Forest Campout and another 10 at the Oregon HumBug campout! Most enjoyable is finding a Guzzist & Guzzi to bestow a Karma Bell to by secreting it on the motorcycle. Later the Guzzist will discover the hidden treasure and attach the Karma bell to hang out onboard the Guzzi to ensure and protect and ward off bedeviling road gremlins and encouraging good fortune. They make you smile when they ding. They turn a frown upside down, the ring of clarity, good fortune and good judgment. You know the kind – if you’re a biker you have experienced plenty of Karma. How about that time something made you slow down from 45 to 35 for no apparent reason and then as you were coming around that 25mph corner at 35 - an oncoming car goes past you - you notice the police officer just pulling out to chase him down for speeding. Had you gotten to that corner just 30 seconds sooner it would have been You the officer was going after – Karma. Those unexplainable feelings you get that cause you to make a little decision that effects your immediate future – like deciding to slow down on that great curvy road because of a odd feeling – a couple corners later you come to gravel on a turn and you are able to navigate because you slowed; or the time you really needed to get someplace on time and all the stoplights seemed to work in your favor. Once on a long twisty backroad with no traffic at night I suddenly something told me to pull over and gaze at the full moon. I took off my helmet & drank in the beautiful full moon over the foothills. As I put my helmet back on a lone car whizzed by; I situated myself to continue the ride and off I went. Not 3 minutes down the road I came upon that car in a deer/car accident. It would have been me. And what about the motorcyclists wave:  Yes, I see You – You are not invisible and You see Me – we are aware and visible.
I think I have been most fortunate with my motorcycle adventures, and I hope that good fortune continues with my latest  Eldorado named "Ole #7". Gotta go hang a Karma Bell on Ole #7 - Ding
See Ya,

KOB (Keeper of Bells)

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