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Brief encounter with a 1986 V65 Lario

This is the Sport 4 Valve per head engine in a replica LeMans body.  A Mid sized LeMans if you will.  Sport bike style, race red paint, and several new parts.  This bike has the most Excellent sound and starts up right away. 

They didn't make lots of these bikes or engines.  Moto Guzzi did produce another 4 Valve engine for the Centauro.  Awesome motors and the 4 valves highly improved the performance.

My son Josh and I got this bike from an insurance sale.  It had been wreaked.  I bought it for my son Josh to resurrect.  By rebuilding it he could learn all about the Moto Guzzi Lario as well as end up with a Motorcycle to learn how to ride on.
We had to source several parts from Guzzi enthusiasts around the country to put it all back together and make it road worthy. 

Josh learned a great deal in the process and gained a real appreciation for the motorcycle as well as the Moto Guzzi clan that helped him reassemble, tune and ride with. 

We used the Guzziology manual and knew some very resourceful folks in our area as well as the Moto Guzzi MGCL list were all eager to help and advise. 


The odometer on it was broken, but reads 30,034 miles.  Not much mileage for a 20 yr old bike.  Josh has since put on about 3,000 more miles.  We have a bicycle speedometer on it which gives lots of interesting accurate information.  Speed, Avg speed, total distance, time, etc.

Being loved for 20 years already, you can expect that this bike is not a museum piece.  With the mileage and years of love this Lario has had it runs great and looks very good.  It has cosmetic blemishes here and there.  The body work does have a few cracks but everything works fine. 

All the systems (lights, turn signals, gauges, etc.), work just great.  The seat appears to be like brand new and is the one that came with it. 

The brakes looked like new.  (Integrated and Double disk in the front for great stopping power!)



The Lario has a brand new rear tire and a new tire on the front with only about 500 miles on it. 

It has brand new drive shaft/Universal Joint.  Also has brand new body work here and there, a few new covers, and everything has been gone through. 

We replaced the left side cylinder/piston/head/valves and got a new Alt cover for the front.

We were unable to find a new front fender and some other parts, but Josh is a race car engineer/mechanic and was able to make or repair what we couldn't source elsewhere. 


The Lario is a large enough bike to ride comfortably and confidently on the freeways small enough for quick easy riding in the city.  It is pretty light weight and easy to maneuver in any situation.   The 4 Valve's per cylinder give this midsize bike all the get up and go you can handle.  Man, the sound it makes is just sweet.

Perfect midsize bike for around town, or a lady rider, or a nice easy starter bike for that person new to motorcycles.  For those with riding experience, it keep a grin on your face, handles easily and has great "flickability".

My son Josh had a wonderful experience learning about the motorcycle by making it road worthy again and learning how to rid himself.  Josh has had this Lario for about 2 years and has just moved up to a larger touring style bike. 

We have left a little work for the new owner to do, like it could use new cables and new fuel lines, but most everything else has been done.  It will be ready for an oil change within the next 1000 miles.

I sold the Lario in May of 2006.  I am always sorry to part with any motorcycle, and wish I could have a big Motorcycle Garage to collect them and keep them all - and time to ride them all. 

Great Bike a true classic.