2015 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX

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A 10 year quest to own a Moto Guzzi Dual Sport Adventure Bike

My Quest to own a Moto Guzzi Dual Sport Motorcycle started in 1995 when I read about the QUOTA running in the Paris to Dakar event in motorcycle magazines. The Quota was not being sold yet in the US. (Moto Guzzi Quota History)  I remember a couple Moto Guzzi buddy's & I walking into MI requesting to pre-pay if Dave R could import 3 Quota's for us - that was in 1995 - 10 years later = STELVIO

The birth of a new Stelvio Adventure Bike

Stelvio outI had a 2 year plan to buy and fix then sell old motorcycles in order to earn enough to buy a used Stelvio.  I bought & sold 6 other motorcycles but actually, I still had 2 motorcycles prepped to sell sitting in my garage at the time this Growlin' Green Stelvio Machine turned up.  My intention was to buy a used Stelvio after the last 2 bikes sold.  Before I was ready - Moto International passed on a year end clearance sale savings on a few remaining 2015 Moto Guzzi's in the U.S.  and it was priced just a little more than I was planning to pay for a used Stelvio !  I ended up with this brand spanking new Stelvio NTX.  I had to put those 2 other bikes up as a hurry-up Fire Sale to come up with the funds, so I sorta passed on a couple great motorcycle deals to others in the process.  Good deals all around!
Customizations in the above Pics: Givi Trunk / Rear Fender Mud Flap w/Beaded Buffalo / Diamond Plate Saddle Bags / Tool Tube

The Stelvio flat matte "Camo" color scheme is awesome for off-road riding.  I truly love the subtle Guzzi Green and the whole design & color scheme.  However, it is dangerously gaiters"Invisible"in the high concentrations of traffic for freeway riding. 
The flat camo shade Green & black makes the Stelvio a camouflaged motorcycle on a 5 lane freeway with traffic dancing alongat 60 MPH. The Stelvio has to be my "do it all" motorcycle, it has to be my commuter as well as my off-road & adventure bike.  I have been a "Combat Commuter" (commute by motorcycle), for the better part of 30 years . It is more dangerous out in the commute than imaginable!  I have to credit "high visibility" a great deal for my survival out there weaving between those SUV bumpers. 
I'll apologize up front to the motorcycle purists out there, because I will be trying all sorts of things to make the Stelvio more "visible" to the other traffic out on the road as I use the Stelvio for my new combat commuting motorcycle.

Customizations in the above Pics: Deer Whistle / Front Fender Reflective Green Flame / Fork Gaiters / Hi-Viz Reflective Wheel Tape - all sides.

These shiny diamond plate saddle bags are super reflective and much more visible than flat matte black plastic.  I can't believe the ass width of the saddlebags is wider than the handlebars.  I must be aware of that inconsistant width!!  I already heard a story of a Stelvio rider ordering at a fast food drive through who just caught the corner of the saddlebag as he pulled away from the drive through counter. 
It slammed him into the ground!  Beware.  I also added a 4" Storage Tube Cannister in the big gap beside the right side saddle bag.  This thing holds a number of tools & things so they don't take up valuable saddle bag space.

tool tubeFor getting noticed by the 4 leg animals I mounted a Deer Whistle under the front headlights.  I have personally witnessed deer take notice, turn & run away from my deer whistle. The whistle is just another part of the arsenal to help keep you alive. 

What is that thing growing on my seat?

Just enough buffalo hide for a seat cover.   With the buffalo seat pad and the Hi Way pegs it extends the seat time to about a 6-8 hour seat before MB gets you dancing in the saddle. 
The Stelvio seats are probably the best stock seats of all the Moto Guzzi models, but that isn't really saying much is it. I am 6' 1" with a long inseam and I prefer the Tall seat setting.  However, when you turn the rubber mounts around for the Tall setting, it only raises the back end of the rider seat - not the front end.  Then, you keep sliding forward so you are constantly pushing yourself back / holding yourself back in the seat.  I don't think that can be cured.  For me, the stock Stelvio seat gives you about 4 hours before monkey butt starts to set in. Perhaps when I add some gel pad to the seat cover I can make it thicker in the front to offset the slide forward?  Hum, I'll have to try.

On a long ride I quive for hi way pegs to stretch my legs out. It has been very difficult to mount useful forward foot rests on a Moto Guzzi Stelvio. These pegs will have to do the job.  They are not low or forward enough, and they make you feel "perched" on a log - but I can lay my leg out straight on them and totally stretch out when I need to on long rides.  I will be looking for a better, more forward peg mounting system, until then, it will be "spread eagle" leg lay will have to do for stretching out legs while riding.

Over the years I've adopted lots of different motorcycle gear to use. Man, I really don't like the "hi-vis look" - it just don't look Cool.  But in todays busy bumper car traffic world if you can't be seen - your days are numbered. Don't forget the first thing that is always said in a motorcycle / car accident:  "I never saw him". 

I braided and blessed a fresh chromed brass Karma bell from India just for the Stelvio.  (read up on Karma bells)  Help ward off those evil road gremlins, pot holes, blind cage drivers, tar snakes, road rocks, delirious deer, and what ever else needs reckoning with.

I've been riding since the '70's, and i have had a paradigm shift in the way I dress to ride in traffic or Combat Commuting.  My preferred "Sunday riding outfit" is black leathers. However for today's traffic & commuting I started to wear some reflective features, a euro suit & usually wear a hi-vis vest - so I get noticed in traffic.  My black leather jacket has a native bead work on both shoulders. 1 is a symbol for the 4 winds and the other is the word SPIRIT in beaded design.  I also had a Buffalo w/feathers bead work design added to a black leather rear mudflap, both created in 1996.  The seat cover and the mud flap and my beaded black leather riding outfit really compliment the camo green/black coloring of the Stelvio.

Rear Shock GuardThe front of the Stelvio has great lines and has a great look about it, but with the matte black & green - nothing stands out to be visible or attention getting.  Thank goodness for the headlight and those running lights. 
So, I have added a few "reflective" things and shiny chrome accents to some of the parts.  Reflective green flames on the front fender, with additional fender extender on the back of the front fender to better control splatter.  Chrome accenting to the bottom of the windshield as well as the leading edge of the hand grips.
The black rubber strip on top of the windshield is a water deflector and also redirects the turbulence hitting the helmet.  I can't remember what it is called, but it Works great!
I strapped a storage bag between the windshield mounts to hold things like; a pen, sunglasses, multi-tool, map, reading glasses, & quick access to other small items.  I sure like having a "glove box" like feature for quick easy access.  I also extended the hand guards top & bottom, then made a rear shock gaiter from an old inner tube to protect the mono-shock.
I wired for my cold weather heated vest & gloves.  It has to be down below 45 degrees to consider "getting wired" for a ride.  But, I ride year around in all weather.  If it is below 45 I like to get wired up.  Jeez, my Stelvio didn't come with the basic Heated Grips that most get with the NTX package.

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