Roy & Greg's Great Adventure

New Mexico MGNOC Rally 1999

Greg Field and I rode from Seattle WA, to New Mexico and back again for the 1999 MGNOC National Rally. 

rally99_bikes1.jpg (93152 bytes)    rally99_bikes2.jpg (156108 bytes)
Both of us were on '70's Loop Frame bikes.  Mine is, or was originally a 750 Ambassador.  However, now it has Lots of upgrades, changes and is called an Ambo W/Attitude.

Greg rides an Eldorado, and I'll have to check for sure, but I think it is a '74 LAPD model.   

rally99_cool.jpg (93103 bytes) 
Great bike at National
The Spiral Hiway in Washington is a "historic highway" and not used anymore, except by crazy motorcyclists.  It was a total Blast. rally99_curv1.jpg (67107 bytes)
A small portion of "The Spiral Highway" amazing!
While at the Rally my Clutch gave out - gone - Kaput.

I was fortunate enough to find someone selling used clutch parts!

I was stuck and had to do a total clutch removal and installation.  Greg was my riding partner, and he insisted on helping me do this job - all 6 hours of it.  Now, that is a true blue riding partner ain't it!!  I'd ride through hell with Greg Field.  Thanks Greg.

rally99_clutch1.jpg (118615 bytes)    rally99_clutch2.jpg (116290 bytes)

We left the engine "in frame" parted and replaced clutch in frame. The flywheel was lightened and had the timing marks ground off.  Sure made it challenging, but I had many volunteers suggesting fixes.  In the end I had provided some great entertainment and did get the Ambo W/Attitude back on the road again. 

Gregs bike is a 1974 Eldorado LAPD model.  Nice scooter for sure.

His is the black / white bike show to the left.

A picture of both our bikes on a high peak turn off

rally99_GF1.jpg (66129 bytes)  rally99_GF2.jpg (65241 bytes)
Although Greg and I did get to take a few pictures both of us were more interested in having a "real vacation" and most often we enjoyed ourselves and forgot about taking pictures or writing.  The old Loop frames did GREAT - as would be expected. rally99_GF3.jpg (169616 bytes) rally99_peak3.jpg (73637 bytes)
In Idaho we ran into some old friends Bill and Cheryl Hartman (Owner/Operators of the Boville Inn Idaho ), we hooked up for several hundred miles of riding together.  Boy, what an unexpected pleasure.    rally99_J-C1.jpg (70437 bytes)    rally99_J-C-glow.jpg (124448 bytes)
Read the harrowing last days ride report, titled "The Black Wet"  An Adventure, based on a real adverse segment of our ride home. rally99_roy1.jpg (104420 bytes)  RoyatRally.jpg (70931 bytes)
Rally registration, Buying a few T-shirts and a picture of my Hand made/painted Moto Guzzi Mug. RoyatRally3.jpg (65819 bytes)  guzzi-cup.JPG (14097 bytes)
Here David Smith our T-shirt and Pin vendor shows his wares. davidSmith.jpg (75790 bytes)  

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