30th Annual MGNOC National Rally
July 19, 20, 21, 22, 2001 in Grass Valley California

Unfortunately I didn't even bring a camera to the event.  My decision to go was very Last Minute.  I hope to have links to other folks who made up a web page or some of their pictures up here soon. 
Here I am at the Rally, I had to leave Early Saturday to get home in time for work early Monday Morning.

2-Rally2001.jpg (39394 bytes)

Here is another shot of the campsite sent to me later. 
Looks like a little less tents so it must have been Saturday late, or Sunday morning.

A nice shot of some very regal Moto Guzzi Bikes

BIKE-SHOW-4.jpg (224185 bytes)

GUZZI-CAMP.jpg (217978 bytes)

Meantime, I did have a few pictures sent to me by a friend who attended.  BTW: she rode in on a Harley and was very concerned that she'd be run off.  She was really impressed with how friendly everyone was and she had a Great time.   1-Rally2001.jpg (81682 bytes)
This is Gayle posing by my Ambo w/Attitude.  Gayle was really hoping to meet other bikers she could have a good time riding and talking with.  She made lots of new friends at our Guzzi Rally. 3-Rally2001.jpg (58961 bytes)
"The Boys" wanted to help Gayle out.  She was concerned about being able to get her Harley back up on 2 wheels if she every dropped it.  So, "The Boys" assured her it wouldn't be too hard to do.  After some Nay sayers had their voice, "The Boys" proceeded to lay Gayle's shiny Harley on the ground.  (Boy, this drew a crowd, I think they thought we were going to "Do In" a Harley in effigy or something).  Anyhow, one of the fellas crouched down, back to the Harley and proceeded to walk it back up on 2 wheels without much effort.  Wish we had gotten a picture of that. 4-Rally2001.jpg (61754 bytes)
Here are a couple shots of the ride to DownyVille that I went on
with Patrick Hayes and other riders on the old bikes, Very cool,
I wish I could have ridden one of them. 
DOWNIEVILLE 1.jpg (196626 bytes) DOWNIEVILLE-2.jpg (201186 bytes)

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