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     My 10 year quest to own a Moto Guzzi Dual Sport Adventure Bike. 
  Check out this Awesome
2015 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX
      It's a Growlin' Green Adventure Machine!

This side is a quick motorcycling introduction followed by links to some motorcycling stories and adventures

Bikes & Trikes & links to Details

 2015 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX |'74 Eldorado California 850 | '70 Ambassador 750 | CHIP '74 Eldo | '84 MG Lario | SANTANA ('74 California 850 GT) |
'98 MG EV | '98 MG Centauro | '77 MG Convert | '97 Honda ST1100 |
'80 Honda GoldWing "InterState" 1100 | '76 Harley Super_Glide |
 3 wheel TRIKE | '82 Yamaha Virago | Kawasaki KLR 650

I started riding dirt bike motorcycles at 14 yrs old in 1970 on a beat up used Yamaha 100 trail bike. I went through several dirt bikes in my teens pounding around the deserts surrounding Las Vegas, NV

At 20 I bought a brand new Harley Super Glide in 1976 (the bowling ball years for HD), For 6 months it was my soul transportation, it was a very cool looking ride.  But as a motorcycle - well, it sucked. Broke down lots, parts vibrated off all the time, had no power, bad brakes, no suspension, etc.  Hell, it could barely spin the rear tire !  I floated the lifters once when the speedo said 103.  I doubt it was actually doing more than 85 or 90mph.

Needless to say

I sold the Harley before the year was out.  I took that money and bought a '54 Chevy pickup and a Non-Running Moto Guzzi Ambassador 750 found in a barn covered in pigeon dung.  I rode the winds of adventure for the next 30 years on that 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador.  It had an attitude (see pics & details @ right side of page). 

I bought and sold many bikes through the years - and I loved each one, one way or another.  Having the opportunity to tinker on and ride a bunch of different motorcycles has been a long running adventure in itself.  I highly recommend it. 

In '95 I started developing this new thing called web sites on the Internet.   I was working in a state confinement facility as a jobs trainer where we used the Internet for file transfer and discovered the World Wide Web.  Ironically, I learned basic html programming from a twisted genius incarcerated for life.  Since then I was able to create lots of my work and jobs revolving around motorcycles and being a motorcycle enthusiast.  It's been awesome!  That makes life a little more FUN.   

In '96 I created the original version of the MGNOC website (Moto Guzzi National Owners Club).  I also started the MGCL (Moto Guzzi Correspondence List) and it's associated web in 1996.  Here it is 2008 and the MGCL is still running and has over 900 subscribers world wide.  Web work and Moto Guzzi Motorcycles - what a life. 

In '99 I bought a '98 Moto Guzzi EV 1100 as a wreck from a motorcycle salvage yard.  Had a good time resurrecting it.  Read about the "Twisted Sister" Moto Guzzi resurrection at right.

In '2000  I bought a '80 Honda GoldWing.  I have bought and sold several motorcycles through the years.  One of the more unique bikes I've owned "twice", is a '77 Moto Guzzi Convert- Auto shifter!  Very cool.  I still "commute" on my motorcycles regularly - rain or shine. (2006).  Okay, it is now (2010 and I haven't become much more a Fair Weather Rider.

 My old shop, was so organized and easy to use. 

 Today's shop is smaller, much less organized and I have gotten ride of most extra parts.  It is just 1/2 of a 2 car garage now.

'Course you know as soon as you get rid of something you end up needing just that very part ! 

In 2002 I got to scratch a 5 year itch for a Moto Guzzi Centauro.  What an WILD & AWESOME machine this was.  Click on the picture link below for the full story about this Italian Stallion. 

Late in 2002 I Traded the Centauro and got another bike I'd been drooling over for the past 10 years - a Honda ST1100  Sport Touring Machine.  This bike is frekin' perfect all around do it all Motorcycle.  Has become my main commuter and Long Distance Ride. 
See the Picture at right for a link to the full story.

My sweetheart Dulane, passed her Motorcycle drivers license exam in (2002), and bought herself a beautiful 1981 Honda 400 Automatic.  Bike had just over 3,000 miles on it.  Mint condition - Great Find.  We have been really enjoying riding together and have ridden through out the seasons thus far.

UPDATE:  (2004) Dulane now rides a 83' Yamaha 750 Virago.  4 speeds, Tons more power than the Honda 400 and lots of style to boot. 

I can't believe it, but I actually sold the Ambo w/Attitude after owning it for 31 years.

I was so broken hearted without my Moto Guzzi that after the first year I started buying and selling several other old Guzzi's trying to get that MoJo back from the AmboW/Attitude..
'74 Eldorado's have been the best.  I am crazy for having sold them, crazy for buying them to start with!  It's an addiction!  (What a treasure these bikes are! )

I still have the Honda ST1100 because I use it all the time.  For fun, commuting and biken' pleasure.  I can't afford nor do I have the space to keep all these great motorcycles.  In my dreams.  In order for me to experience owning and riding them, I tend to buy one, ride and fix it up some and eventually resell it so I can go on and buy something else.  That describes a poor mans collector.  However, this process has allowed me to experience owning 25 motorcycles so far.  Wow, I really have enjoyed the bikes - it has been well worth it.

Travel Stories

Moto Guzzi National Rally 1999   New Mexico "Roy and Greg's loop frame adventure"
Greg on his Eldorado and me on the Ambo w/Attitude

Moto Guzzi National Rally 2000  Virginia and the Blue Ridge Parkway  (For me a dream trip come true - On a fantastic loaned fresh restoration '74 Eldorado)

Moto Guzzi National Rally 2001  Grass Valley California
Another adventure on the Ambo w/Attitude

Moto Guzzi National Rally 2003, Mt Vernon Washington
My local Guzzi Club is hosting this rally, so I imagine this one will be more work than play 

Other than Motorcycles & Trikes Dulane and I are highly involved with Diesels running on Bio-Diesel B-100 and/or Straight WVO.  We have had several cars that use Straight Vegetable Oil for fuel. 
GreaseCars  See: 

We also made a living statement to help the environment and our economy by building a custom Cedar Log house with many environmental friendly features.  If interested go see the SPIDERHOLLOW web site.

'74 Eldorado / California 850 Police 

I have been fortunate enough to have owned several Ambassadors 750's and Eldorado 850's over the years. I don't have pictures of them all, but I do have 2 good Guzzi stories to share with you. 
This first Guzzi I currently still own and ride.  (2009 purchase)
It's a 1974 LAPD Eldorado 850 California  
Nicknamed "The Black Pearl"

 I particularly like big Vee Twin Moto Guzzi Loop Frames.  They have a unique character that embraces you.  They were the "top of the line" motorcycles in their day and continue to be the most sought after Moto Guzzi Collector Motorcycle. 
See a good professional presentation of the '74 Eldorado at Cycle Garden and learn Civilian module vs. Police model details.

'74 LAPD Eldorado Police issue

.  A previously sourced, & sold Moto Guzzi Eldorado I wish I could have kept in the my stable is this 1974 Moto Guzzi LAPD Eldorado 850 Previously owned and operated by the CHIP in Malibu California.  What a gem this bike was.  Story continues; follow links of the Rebuild for this bike by new master:  Jim Knighten.

gas tankMoto Guzzi Ambassador "750/1000
It's a real "cosmopolitan" motorcycle.  

Moto Guzzi V 1000cc engine, 850 cam, lightened flywheel, 850 heads, 5 speed trans, 850 front end, dual disk brakes, 850 rear drive w/cush, air shocks, hotter coil & plugs, bosch starter, police bars, & MORE.

Ownership: 1976 - 2008 32 yrs.
Story continues; follow links to the rebuild for this bike done by Jim Pissot

'97 Honda ST1100 Sport Touring 
The Motorcycle Moto Guzzi "Should" have made

97 ST1100The ST1100 A V4 engine. Touring motorcycle ever built.  My current commuter & long distance traveler.  I've Owned this bike from 2002 and still own it as of now - 2010.  Click to read more STuff

1998 Moto Guzzi EV EV-with parts.gif (330113 bytes) You might enjoy reading about the Resurrection of a "Totaled" '98 Moto Guzzi EV affectionately called the "TwistedSister".  I finished working on it and rode it for about a year before selling it in '2000' to a fella from Norway who traveled the USA with a buddy of his on a Harley - but that, is another story.

Brief Encounter with a Moto Guzzi Lario.  2001

My son Josh talked me out of the Lario.  He did a marvelous job restoring it as you can read and see in the story. 
What a fun light weight cool mid sport bike.  Man, it sounded awesome.

 '98 Moto Guzzi Centauro

Centauro-side2.jpg (126361 bytes)2002 was the year I enjoyed a Centauro.  What an exciting bike!
Click the Centauro Picture for a story about my experience with the most awesome Moto Guzzi produced in years.  It ain't a daily rider, but it sure is a sexy mistress.

'77 Moto Guzzi Convert

This was the Guzzi Automatic.  Very reliable, easy starting and easy riding motorcycle.  Never gave me any problems, just smiles.  I owed this bike twice - once in 1997 and again in 1999

'80 Honda GoldWing

 Old Reliable

A Commuter, traveler, mile eater and probably the most comfortable, easy and relaxing ride I've ever owned. 

Click Goldwing for "the rest of the story"  

Dulane (Dee), is now riding a shifting 1982 Yamaha Virago.  The story is: Dulane's daughter Sonya just got her bikers license and is learning on Dee's HondaMatic - but she purchased this Yamaha to ride when she is ready.  Learn first on the Honda, then they will swap bikes back.  Dee owned this bike from 2004 to 2008

Meantime, Sonya bought a Suzuki 550, Then a 1996 Virago so Dee got the '82 Virago back and we have been riding together on motorcycles for 6 years now.

Dee's Honda 400

(Dee'sfirst bike 2002-2004)

A Trike named "SpiT-Fire"   

4-cylinder "motorcycle" with a VW front Axle sporting 2 side by side seats.  Pretty Unique.  A Sport Trike if you will.
Click to see the SpiT-Fire Trike Story