Honda ST1100 - STeamer #9

I've had yearnings  for a ST1100 since reading about them over and over again in motorcycle magazines.  They popped up in articles here and there, won awards here and there since 1990.  I thought this might just be the "perfect" motorcycle.  However, I have come to understand there is no such thing as a perfect motorcycle.  This ST1100 comes very close to filling the bill. 

I bought this bike in July 2002 and call it STeamer #9.   I've added Handlebar 3" raisers, a dash shelf, highway pegs, lashing for my AM/FM/CD walkman, Givi 45 Trunk, and a bicycle computer. VERY Cool. Pics coming soon.

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There is a wealth of information about the ST1100's on the Internet.
riders are known for "gadgets" on their motos which they call "Farkles".    Farkles are like radar detectors, CD players, bicycle computers, cell phones, extra fuel tanks, knobs, controls, extras if undisclosed usaaaage, and more I'll discuss later.

97 ST1100

The original ST1100 came to us in 1990.  The bike was extremely well sorted out from the get go.  In the successive years modifications and updates were minor.  Hard to improve on a bike that runs out so well. 

I worked a trade for my STeamer #9.  I gave up a Moto Guzzi Centauro but got some cash and STeamer #9  in trade.  It was a great trade for both of us. George has become a friend and Loves the Centauro and I am beginning to make this ST1100 mine.

Anyhow, I had too many motorcycles, something had to change.  So, I decided this STeamer #9 could replace 2 bikes.  Instead of a Sport Crotch Rocket and a Bagger for commuting I'd use the Sport Touring STeamer #9

NOTES:  I  married an  ST1100 with a VW front end and made a  TRIKE called SpiTfire