2012  25thAnnual Campout Date:  July 20th & 21st

Annual Moto Guzzi NorthWest Owners Club
Deep Forest Campout

guzzi CampLocated about 10 miles SE of Randle, WA. on FS RD. #23. 
Group area "Beaver" in North Fork FS campground. MAP
$35. Per Person: Friday dinner - Saturday Breakfast & Salmon Dinner
Organizer Gale & Dick Guthrie (206) 246-3181

This is one of The best Moto Guzzi Campout Get together's "EVER". 
Camp setting is deep in the forest near Mount Saint Helens.  Beautiful clear running rivers at the edge of camp, Big trees, nature hikes, and even a new potty thanks to Marian.  Campers, cars, RVs welcome, but you may need to park in an adjacent camping area.  Bring your own Camping Gear (tent, bag, blanket, etc.  There is a well stocked trout fishing spot 4 miles away)  There are motels in Randle.      Favorite TO DO:

  • Motorcycle ride to the Windy Ridge Overlook in the heart of the Mount Saint Helens volcanic eruption
  • Saturday night NW Indian style Salmon feast you won't ever forget.  (see salmon fest pictures below right). 
  • Motorcycle ride to Paradise and other rides around Mount Rainer
  • Ride/hike to ancient cave dwellings, numerous waterfalls, interesting hikes, great wondering single lane forestry roads.
  • Motorcycle ride & hike to Ape Caves - Bring flashlight!

Enjoy a Treasure of photos through the years at North Fork on the Photo Gallery page

Directions:  In Washington State find RANDLE on Hwy 12 (heads EAST of I-5 between Olympia and Portland ). Don't miss Randle, you can sneeze and breeze right through it!  In the center of Randle is a gas station on the North side and a cafe one the South side ( Fill up with GAS NOW).  As you come into Randle, Look for the big Signs to Mount Saint Helens, Turn South to Mount Saint Helens.  (You may want to look at your Odometer - Camp is Approx. 12 miles ahead):

You will be heading south from Randle on FS23.  At 3/4 mile there is a "Y" (bare to the left  - east). - About 10 miles further start looking left for the North fork Group Camp.  If you have any problems check with the ranger station 1 mile east of Randle on highway 12 or flag down a Guzzi!

You are looking for a Group Camp Area named North Fork Group Camp Area. There are 2 North Fork Camp areas - the first one is the Group Camp and has a 20 foot metal pole Gate across the entrance. 

The first North Fork camp entrance you come to is the Group camp ground.  It is not well marked and it is GATED.  Help KEEP THE GATE CLOSED!  Every time you come or go - Close the Gate !  Them's the rulz we camp by.

Just across the river is the second North Fork Campground for the Public and RV parking.  You must pay for your own camp area if you go to the public camping area.  If you drive past it, just "U-Turn" and come back across the bridge.  The Group Camp Area has a gate across the entrance, yes, you must open the gate, go through and Close the gate after yourself.  WE are not allowed to leave the gate open. 
***Nearest gas, grocery, conveniences are 12 miles back in the town of Randle

For more info contact Dick Guthrie (206) 246-3181 

Enjoy lots of Deep forest Campout pics linked in the Photo Album page

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Guzzi Camp
For more maps go to Mapquest and type in Randle Washington

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