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Moto Guzzi Leather Goods !


Custom Moto Guzzi Leather Goods

Gabbiano Leather is a fusion of American and Italian creativity, and we have been in business since 1992. We are a husband and wife team, who met in Europe and later brought Stefano's Italian craftsmanship and Kathleen's artistic talent to Oregon's Willamette Valley. We create our products together, carefully hand making each piece with the finest materials, paying close attention to detail in an 'old world style'. Stefano has been riding Moto Guzzi's since he was 18 years old back in Italy.

The Moto Guzzi products available on this page are embossed, a process which permanently sets the design into the leather with heat and pressure.

Exact placement of Guzzi logo may vary from the pictures you see. We stand behind our work and guarantee it for many years of use. As one customer said, “You obviously take great pride in your craftsmanship. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality or value.” Mark, 2000 Jackal.
Each product is made with first quality, American tanned, top grain cow hide. Specific leather ounces (the standard method for clarifying leather thickness) are listed with each product description. Available colors are: black, dark brown, medium brown, tan, burgundy. Texture of leather may vary from smooth to pebble grain, if you have a preference please mention it in your order.

Key Pocket

The best part about this case is that you can have the ignition key in the block while the other keys are secure inside the case, eliminating the rubbing of keys on the dashboard. The cases can easily hold 4 keys each (2 top, 2 bottom) and fit comfortably in your pocket when off the bike. Each case is 2 3/4 long,1 3/8 wide and (with 4 keys inside) about 1/2 thick. 3/4 ounce hide. NOTE : After inserting the keys we strongly suggest a drop of loctite on each of the 2 screws to prevent loosening with engine vibrations. Price: $10.00. plus shipping.

Check book Cover

This Checkbook Cover accommodates one standard-sized side entry or top entry checkbook and register. There is an additional pocket behind the checkbook flap which can hold receipts, cash, etc. Outside cover measurement is 3 3/4" x 6 7/8" x ½". They are adaptable for duplicate checks with the addition of a plastic sleeve ($1.00 charge). One side of the plastic fits into the interior pockets of the cover, the other slides between your checks. 5/6 ounce hide. Price: $20.00. Shipping: $4.00.

We also offer the option of adding a leather flap to one side of the interior of the checkbook with credit card slots. This adds $10.00 to the price. If this option is chosen, we move the Guzzi logo to the top center (when it is opened like a book).

I. D. Case

This ID / mini wallet holds a driver’s license, credit cards, business cards, insurance papers, folded money, etc., yet still stays compact in your pocket. Folded, outside measurement is 3" x 4 3/8". 5/6 ounce hide. Price: $15.00. Shipping: $4.00.

Small Journal, Large Journal

This Small Journal (pictured) is the perfect place to keep a trip journal or to keep track of the work and maintenance you do on your bike. The filler book has 128 lined pages (64 sheets) and is replaceable. Cover measurements are 7" x 4 ½" x 3/4". Pages are 4" x 6". Weight: 3/4 pound. It has a loop for a pen and a snap closure. The leather sleeves that hold the book to the cover are a great place to stuff receipts, notes, etc. Refills are available in many stationery stores or through us. 5/6 ounce hide. Price: $38.00 for small $48. for large: plus shipping.

We also offer a large Journal (not pictured) which has 212 acid free lined pages. Cover measurements are 9" x 5 3/4" x 1". Pages are 5 1/4" x 8 1/4". Weight: 1 pound. Price: $45.00. Shipping: $6.00.

Photo Albums

This photo album cover (not pictured) is called ‘bookshelf style’. It holds up to 100 pictures, any size up to 4" x 6", in plastic sleeves. The photo album is replaceable. Cover measurements are 7 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 2 ½". 3/4 ounce hide. Price: $30.00. Shipping: $4.00.

Chain Wallet

This wallet is a far cry from the cheap chain wallets you see in many stores. It is 5"x 3 3/4" closed. Inside it has two panels, each with 3 credit card pockets for a total of 6 credit card pockets. Below the panels are 2 additional pockets for business cards and other things. There is an extra large bill compartment, all secured by two snaps. The chain can be removed if you wish. 3/4 ounce hide, always smooth grain. Price: $45.00. Shipping: $4.00.

Other Products Available

Just keep in mind that we can emboss the Guzzi logo in any of our products, which include: belts, 2 fold wallets, 3 fold wallets, organizers, address books, business card cases, travel organizers, etc. Pictures available upon request. For more information, contact us through our web site  Make sure to let us know you are a Moto Guzzi enthusiast.


All orders are shipped U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. Orders are shipped within two weeks of receipt. Please see individual item descriptions for shipping costs. Since we are not responsible for lost packages, we recommend purchasing postal insurance. Up to $50.00 is $1.30, up to $100.00 is $2.20. Please contact us for international shipping costs.


  1. Place your orders on line or print & mail orders at:
    Gabbiano Leather Click on  Ordering Info link (other Contact information at web address),

  2. Please specify exactly which product you would like to purchase.  Specify the MOTO GUZZI Logo items in the Comments or Special Requests section on that order form. 
  3. Make sure to let us know you are Moto Guzzi Enthusiasts and found our products on this website.

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