Bill's Winter Moto Guzzi Project

Spread the word about Moto Guzzi in Your local Library !

Bill lives here in the Pacific NorthWest, where we get Lots of moisture and long cool days from fall to spring - and sometimes even longer.  He and his wife Gale are Moto Guzzi Enthusiasts and Ride more than any 4 or 5 other riders put together.  You may recognize Bill, he makes it to many rallys around the country.   Here Bill is pictured on his beautiful white Eldorado which he rides regularly.  However, they also own another Moto Guzzi, I believe it is a1000SP, which whisks them many of the miles to Moto Guzzi Rallys and Campouts across the country. Their last big trip was throughout Florida, which is about as far away from Washington as you can get.  Bill and Gale are Great Ambassadors for our Moto Guzzi passion wherever they travel and wherever they find themselves. 

Bill had a GREAT idea.  The library has a public display case that people get to use to display Local artisans, travels, crafts, Hobby items, Collections, and in general - Things of interest. 

Bill decided to do a Moto Guzzi Showcase for his local Library.    His project was accomplished by talking to his local Moto Guzzi club members to find as many "Moto Guzzi" items he could to populate his display.  Another nice way to connect with other club members, a great way to let them also participate and share their collected items, and a way to gather enough Moto Guzzi stuff to make the display worthy.  You can see what Bill gathered; several Moto Guzzi Books, Manuals, a few distinct Parts, a few poster boards with rally pics, a Moto Guzzi Story or 2 and any Moto Guzzi paraphernalia he could come up with.  Presto - a delightful display of local Moto Guzzi Enthusiasm. Hey, you to could do this for your local library. How 'bout a Club supported showcase that travels around to the different club members Library's!   Promote Moto Guzzi in a Grass Roots style !

Bill and Gayle are wonderful folks to get to know.  Always willing to help out if needed, inclined to ride when ever possible, and very entrenched in the Moto Guzzi scene.  I thought what Bill did for his local library was something we could all do at our local libraries.  I mean, what a wonderful way to share something unique like Moto Guzzi with lots of people who just don't know us. 

    What a fantastic Winter Project.     Thanks Bill and Gayle for sharing with folks around their library and with us.  Now you and I have a Moto Guzzi Winter Project Idea and a way to share the wonderful world of Moto Guzzi with others. 

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