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The MGCL (MotoGuzzi Mailing List), FAQ
  (Frequently Asked Questions) Last update: January 27, 2012

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  1. Standard type disclaimers?
  2. Who Pays for the MGCL" ?
  3. MGCL Founders, Administrators, and Owners
  4. Really now, what is this MotoGuzzi e-mail Correspondence list?
  5. How do I Subscribe to the MotoGuzzi e-mail Correspondence list?
  6. Other mail modes and commands
  7. How do I send a message to everybody on the list?
  8. How do I Unsubscribe?
  9. Why was I Unsubscribed ! !
  10. What if I'm just going on vacation or have a heavy work week?
  11. What can I send to the MGCL?
  12. What Can't I send to the MGCL?
  13. What happens if I accidentally post something not allowed?
  14. Are there some posting conventions of which I should be aware?
  15. Who can send mail to the MotoGuzzi e-mail Correspondence list?
  16. What happens when I "reply" to something MotoGuzzi sent me?
  17. Does the MotoGuzzi e-mail Correspondence list support the World-Wide Web?
  18. How do you pronounce Moto Guzzi?
  19. What if this FAQ didn't answer my question?


Standard type disclaimers ?

1.  The MotoGuzzi Correspondence List (MGCL), is a Donation Based Free communications and Correspondence service implemented via Internet e- mail and Web. It is neither supported nor condoned by Moto Guzzi, nor any company whose computers are used in part for transport of the electronic mail messages.    Original authors bear full and sole responsibility for the content of messages distributed by the service.
2.  Who Pays for the MGCL? ":  You and I. 
(USA Donations)
Roy Harvey 4706 208th SE   Bothell, WA 98012

New donations gratefully  accepted .

3. MGCL Founders, Administrators, and Owners:

Owner/Administrator Roy Harvey (Ambo 750/1000 "Dinosaur w/Attitude") is the Host for the MGCL.
MGCL was originally Founded by Roy Harvey with Sponsorship by David Smith and the European Division of the MGNOC (Moto Guzzi National Owners Club).

4. OK, what is this MGCL (Moto Guzzi Correspondence List)?

A sociable correspondence mailing list for the enjoyment of Moto Guzzi enthusiasts around the Globe. Content may include; ride reports, rally information, mechanical advice, and general exclusively Moto Guzzi related blather. We strive to keep discussion on a helpful, friendly, and fun nature. Bare in mind;  we are comprised of mixed races, religions, ages, genders, and International Cultures.  Please be courteous and avoid offending anyone at all times.             (Top)

5. How do I Subscribe to the MGCL (Moto Guzzi Correspondence List)?

 Join MGCL!
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  2. or - Send a blank Email to:

  3. Go to TOPICA - do a search for mgcl and join online to read mail on the Internet.

6. Other mail commands:

  • See the web - log-in and go to your personal preferences.

7. How do I send a message to everybody on the list?
NOTE:  with over 800 subscribers it is important that everyone uses keywords in the "subject line" of your posts.  This way folks can easily scan the "subject line" Keywords to determine which posts they are interested in reading.  i.e. If your post is about your Ambassador motorcycle put Ambassador, or Ambo, or 750 in the subject line.

  • Send an e-mail to   (Please use the subject line)
  • In the message body type: Your message, content, etc.
  • Your message will be distributed to all subscribers on the MotoGuzzi digest and single mail mode subscribers.

8.  How do I unsubscribe?

Go to web - Log-in and go to your personal preferences.  Unsubscribe or postpone from there.

9. Why was I Unsubscribed ! !

You may be unsubscribed because of e-mail "Bouncing" due to a variety of problems with your Internet Service Providers e-mail not working correctly, or a full mailbox or maybe a change to your SMTP. You may also be Unsubscribed if you blatantly offend the social environment of the list as discussed in item #12 below.

10. What if I'm just going on vacation or have a heavy work week?

UNSUBSCRIBE. YOURSELF  Please try to do this yourself RATHER than having the Administrators do it for you.  You are capable, please try.  See question 8.  (Top)

11. What can I send to the MGCL?

As a rule of thumb; anything with relationship to Moto Guzzi you would say in good conscience to a "mixed" group (all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds), of Moto Guzzi enthusiasts face to face should be fine.  Bare in mind, we are comprised of all races, religions, ages, gender, and International Cultures. You may post notices about bikes or parts for sale One time each, but Please add this line to All posts of an sales or controversial nature: 
For further information please contact me Off list using my personal e-mail address.
NOTE: Whenever you "Reply" to a post you feel strongly about, use common sense, and think BEFORE you hit that send button!   Courtesy Clean Language combined with the right to have unique, but non offensive opinions is observed. Commercial entity's please use Diplomatic approach when offering information; - as this is Not a forum for you to do business.

12. What is not allowed on the MGCL?

Can't we all just get along?
profanity in any language. These descriptive but Offensive words are Not needed to express yourself. No Slander, or intentional malice of any kind is allowed. 
No commercial ventures.  If you are not sure your verbiage is "Okay" send your post to the list administrator for his opinion Before sending your post to the entire list. Commercial subscribers to the list are welcomed and needed as Correspondents. Professional knowledge and advice is essential to the development of the "Correspondence content".    

Folks selling a bike, parts or what ever; please direct any replies to your personal e-mail addresses or www sites - 800 subscribers do not want to read about haggling over prices, parts or details.  Handle this in private e-mail Not on the list.

Do Not send Graphics, Executable Programs, large files or images (JPEG, GIF, etc.) they are "Bandwidth Hogs", they Slow down everyone's download time. A better approach would be to tell us about what you have and ask anyone who wants it to contact you "Off List" to your personal e-mail address. 

No brand "bashing".  Many folks have acquired multiple motorcycle brands and are rightfully proud of them all.
No Jokes in bad taste.  NO Harley Jokes, Please, Please Avoid "Harley Jokes" - It always starts a Flood of jokes, and complaints from proud HD/MG owners. If you do have a good Harley joke just say: Hey, I got a great HD joke, e-mail me if you want it. Then send it to those who want it. Please, NOTE: This has been a real Problem in the past and you will be fined. 

NOTE:  If you develop a "Problem" with a person, cycle dealer, or other entity Do Not Vent your problem to the list using Names or Titles. You will likely be inciting slander.   e-mail is a legal form of documentation. Be smart, tell a story without naming names and ask interested parties to contact you personally.   Be Diplomatic!  (Nobody and nothing is perfect, every once in a while you may have a less than great experience.  That's life.)

13. What happens if I accidentally post something not allowed?

If your Offensive post to the list is determined to be unintentional it may be ignored or, you have the option of paying a $5.00 "Abuse Fine" to the "List Donation Kitty" to apologize for your words.  If your Offensive post is determined to be done without considerations to the MGCL common courtesy conventions you may simply be Unsubscribed or suspended & issued a $10.00 Abuse Fine depending on the nature of your offence. Because this situation can un-intentionally happen to almost anyone we will ATTEMPT to extend an understanding that "folks will make a mistake once in a while". However, 3 strikes and your OUT. NOTE:  Whatever you send  to the list (even if you forward or copy someone else's content), then You are the responsible party.   An anonymous person has been appointed by Roy Harvey to make determinations in these cases.

14. Are there some posting conventions of which I should be aware?

It is preferred that the users of this mailing list conform to the Internet/NetNews convention of appending new material AFTER the minimum quoted (>) portion of the message to which the new stuff refers.  Please be courteous! Trim down the text from the original message so that your reply includes ONLY the minimum quotation (>) necessary to establish context.
Another words, Delete any parts of the original message that does not need to be repeated .


FYI:  Learn how to use your e-mail software - make folders and Filter your MGCL e-mail into a specific folder for ease of use. 


15. Who can send mail to the MotoGuzzi e-mail Correspondence list?

Any Moto Guzzi enthusiast subscribed to either the digest or single post delivery mode for the MGCL list.   (Both receive same mail)

16. What happens when I "reply" to something the MGCL list sent me?

Depends on your mailer. In general, using most e-mail software the' "REPLY" command will send your reply to the Original author of the message.
You can also read and reply to MGCL mail at the Topica web site.  This is fun and easy.  Just go to the web site and save that location to your Favorites or Bookmarks so you can easily and quickly return at any time.  Enjoy.

17. Does the MGCL support the World Wide Web?

Yes. (You are here  now.), The a MGCL Mailing List  Web Page at the URL  It contains some good info, news articles, Guzzi Gifts, Books, Stickers, links to subscribers webs, other Moto Guzzi Links, and links to other places of motorcyclists interests.  In addition are links to other Guzzi lists.

18. How do you pronounce Moto Guzzi?

The same way you pronounce Pizza like: "Peets Zah" you pronounce Guzzi with the (oo) sound in (boot) like: "Goots Zee".  

"You may say whatever you wish because its your bike. However, you've asked a  technical question and there is NO technical variation for this pronunciation.  The name is Italian. The Italian language is characteristically full of double-consonant words, not just names. In such circumstances, BOTH of these consonants are pronounced carefully and SEPARATELY. The double-consonant "ZZ" is correctly split in the middle. The first Z ends the first syllable and the second Z begins the second syllable. The first Z is pronounced equivalent to a "T", then an ever so subtle pause, then the second Z is pronounced as "S" or maybe better "ZS". So, you're closest approximation is the "peetsa" above.  But, try to slow it down for the subtle pause as maybe "PEET-sa". Note that the accent falls on the first syllable."
Patrick Hayes 

19. What if this FAQ didn't answer my question? 

 Send e-mail directly to the List Owner : Roy Harvey ( )


NOTE: We do encourage your help and participation with this list. If you would like to volunteer to help or have "ideas" "suggestions" to share please contact us at: Email

See Ya,  Roy Harvey
'70 Ambo 750/1000 Dinosaur w/Attitude