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Moto Guzzi NW Photo Sharing website where Oregon & Washington & Idaho Moto Guzzi club members can share Guzzi Photos & Videos

    You are invited to the MotoSteve Ford with Camera ready Guzzi NW "Central Photo Share website". It costs Nothing and you do not have to join to see the photos.  Come check it out at   As a Visitor you can view most of the photos & videos -- if you join as a MEMBER you can upload your Guzzi photos, videos & Guzzi stuff to share with us all. 
It is hoped that many of you join to become members & share your treasured photos and videos with us all. 
(how to join is below).  A Centralized location for all our Moto Guzzi adventure photos. 

If you need them, here are the DETAILS: 
MotoGuzziNW is a centralized Internet website that Anybody can easily upload Guzzi photos, videos, rebuilds, how-to’s, events, even get auto notification of events, volunteer help, and more.  Visit to see - join to share your Guzzi treasures with everyone at MotoGuzziNW.   
( Your free account is required for you to join MotoGuzzi NW which is inside  You don’t have to use your shutterfly acct, but it is required to join the MotoguzziNW photo share site.)
If you do not already have a Shutterfly acct, you may create your free shutterfly account First – then you can “Request Membership” & share your photos and use the other MotoGuzziNW site features.

How to visit or Join the :  Moto Guzzi NW "Central Photo Share website"

  1. Step 1. Go to
    If you have a shutterfly acct. Sign in with your email address and password and “Request Membership” at the top right of the window. 

  2. Step 2. If you do not already have a Shutterfly acct, Click the link that says “not a shutterfly member?” - Create a Free Shutterfly account now.  When you click to create your account you will still be at the MotoGuzziNW site – Click “Ask to become a Member” link at the top right of the window.  You will be given membership authorization within 48 hours.  (It may go through within the hour). 

  3. Step 3. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hrs. or as soon an Admin is able to reply to your request.  Welcome to MotoGuzziNW Share Site. You are ready to participate. Upload photos right from the MotoGuzziNW site. Any photos you upload are also being uploaded and to your free personal Shutterfly acct. (Photos you upload – you can also Remove.) So, give it a whirl. Let’s see what you’ve got.

    • Notes: If you want to go to your personal shutterfly acct from the MGNW photo share site, just click your name at top left and choose “MyShutterfly”.
      You can upload stuff to your personal site and then perhaps pick and choose which photos to “Share” up to the MotoGuzziNW Share site.

This is Great!   A centralized location for All Guzzi Club members to Share our Guzzi photos and stuff. Any Guzzi club member who signs up can share (upload), photos, videos, have a calendar, signup sheet, and a Local Forum Message board! Of course, Shutterfly hopes to sell some cool products with your photos on them thru a "store" button, but that is the only advertising element. Besides, getting a Moto Guzzi Calendar with photos on event dates is pretty awesome.  I gotta have at least 1 of them.  Your ShutterFly account and the Club Photo Share Site are all Free. 

Steve Ford & Roy Harvey are Administrators for the MotoguzziNW photo share site at Shutterfly.

Email me if you have any problems: (Roy Harvey) Phone:  425-398-8615

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