Some Quick pics from the '2000 MGNOC Rally.

rally-2K_7.jpg (52982 bytes)I really liked this Eldo, I believe it won 1st or 2nd "Overall"!  The reason I liked it so much is the color.  My bike was suppose to be painted a fire engine red on Pearl white.  But, the painter literally painted the red over the pearl and I ended up with a rather unique color blend -  it's got Just enough "blood  red to avoid being damn near pink.  Well, my bike 'shoulda' been about the color of this bike - deep candy apple red and pearl white (not blended), I love it!  I had the good fortune to party a bit with the owner Saturday night.  I had a good time with him and his buddy's as they were giving a friend a razzing  since he was considering selling his Guzzi and moving to Florida.  He had some persuasive reasons to move, but no good reason to sell the Guzzi.  I "hope"  we talked him out of it. rally-2K_3.jpg (114327 bytes)This is Eppa's Eldorado.  He let me ride this bike to the rally from his place.  Truly, I have never ridden a finer Eldorado.  This baby has less than 1,000 mi on a new engine and complete rebuild.  Lots of nicely cadmium, chrome, and nickel plated bits and pieces add to the subtle beauty and wear endurance features.  This bike shifted like butter, and caressing the corners around the Blue Ridge it was absolutely rock solid stable.  This bike has a secure stride and entrancing voice.  Congratulations Eppa, this is a real winner.  In fact it did win an "honorable mention" award at the bike show!!  I can't thank Eppa enough for taking care of me on this long trip across the country to attend the MGNOC national.  What a great Guzzi friend.. rally-2K_6.jpg (29073 bytes)This is a picture of Eppa Wimbash and his great Replica of a 1934 Morgan British car.  I'd like to tell you all about it, but I don't remember the story well enough to do it justice.  Perhaps Eppa would do a little write up or give me a web address so folks can read up on this car he created.  It came out Wonderful and was a Blast to ride in.  He did mention it was for sale for $10K if anyone is interested in a Very Cool Motorcycle.
rally-2K_1.jpg (25035 bytes)Another shot on the BlueRidge Parkway. I would LOVE to go tour all the motorcycle campgrounds out here.  Hard to fathom the concept of a motorcycle only campground.  Congratulations Virginia! rally-2K_8.jpg (114895 bytes)The Bike show was great.  So many beautiful Moto Guzzi's to drool over.  I am particularly fond of the loop frame styles and there were several showing their finest. rally-2K_4.jpg (109184 bytes)I think I could get real used to riding around in such a cool automobile, however, it is registered as a Honda Motorcycle!
rally-2K_5.jpg (39117 bytes)Yes, it has a Honda 650 engine.  It runs Great.

Water cooled, great get up and go, good Brakes, thrilling horn.  I rode the Eldo and Eppa piloted this rig around the Blue Ridge Parkway, and man, this puppy corners GREAT !  

rally-2K_2.jpg (20321 bytes)I finally made it to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I have been reading stories about this roadway for 25 years and here I finally get to take an Eldorado on it.  Man, I really really liked this trip.  It's getting dark here in the picture, and I haven't slept for about 24 hours, but the smile was like "glued on". It was a long way to travel from Seattle to VA but it was worth it.  This trip was a nice escape for me and I needed the break from my work-A-day world.  all the Guzzi folk and list folks were great to meet and work with, and celebrate with.  I hope every Guzzi owner is able to experience a rally like this sometime.  

See Ya,  Roy Harvey

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