1974 Moto Guzzi Eldorado  \ California 850V

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SANTANA - A 1974 Moto Guzzi California

This first  picture above shows the old Santana mural gas tank from my first Moto Guzzi -the Ambassador w/Attitude.
SANTANA is a combination of parts from several Moto Guzzi motorcycles modified to fit on a 1974 California Eldorado (aka "The Black Pearl"). 

The tank was painted in 1980.  When I sold the Ambassador I kept the tank.  The tank suffered lots of use and abuse, acquired several dings, dents, and cracks, even dropped several times during storage.  I wanted to reuse the tank, but had to cover lots of damage.  Wish I had the money to have taken it to a professional painter to restore.  

This new look idea came up after I bought an old Eldorado parts bike which was in pieces.  One of the pieces was a new engine rebuild kit and assorted new parts.  So, I had the makings for a cheap Moto Guzzi restoration project. 

I started thinking about how I could adapt this cool old Santana tank to my Guzzi and one modification lead to another. 

So, I took my beloved Black Pearl and gave it a new identity - a complete Makeover.

This baby is the sweetest riding Eldo I've ever been on.

I was able to obtain an old Project parts bike and rebuilt the engine to put into the Santana bike.  So, with the Makeover, I got to add a fresh new engine!

I added some chrome around the light recesses in the fairing, added chrome trim pieces here and there, and chrome bits where I could find them.  One of the coolest things I did was get a set of polished stainles steel nuts and bolts kit.  The SS nut & bolt kit finished off the new engine making it look factory new!  Awesome detail. 

I added my own white pin stripping and decals to fit the old hippie biker look of the '70's. 

I also tried to make a Buddy Seat from the 850GT, but the seat pan creation was beyond my capabilities.  I bought an old rusted out Buddy Seat from ebay and built my own foam padding and repaired the rusted out old seat pan as best as I could. 
    The Dan Brown Saddle bags would not fit with the Buddy seat, but I found a set of asdfdsf saddle bags - which also did not fit, but could be modified to fit with some cutting and welding. 
  I sourced some spot lights that I made fit into the fairing where the turn signals were, and added smaller turn signals below.




Some quick history: 


Roy's 1974 LAPD Eldorado/California 850V
"I just call it the 'Black Pearl"

This Moto Guzzi 850 LAPD Eldorado California was found in Kirkland Washington.  It had been owned by a few folks locally for most of it's years. 

(9/22/09)  I named it "The Black Pearl" - cause it sorta fooled me.  It looked like a real pearl.  It seemed to run pretty good.  However, I ended up repairing and replacing so much on it that it became the black pearl.  I Really love it now.  I sorta bonded with it and now we have a good relationship.






I would really like to find a rear wheel with Cush drive – know anybody with a 850T rear wheel in the basement?